Why to Invest in Tenders & Projects in Qatar ?

Qatar focuses on all round development aspects of doing business rather than only on economic one. With its Vision 2030, Qatar is all set to achieve the new brims of success by having a concrete hold on the four pillars of development: Human, Social, Environmental & Economic. Qatar follows a flexible and ease method of doing business. Besides having highest per capita income it focuses on encouraging more in foreign participation and uplifts the major sources of investments in projects and tenders.

Qatar is benefiting from common market with other gulf states, and creating a strong withhold in the market and attracting many clients. Qatar has emerged out to be a glint and ideal Business destination for various small or big entrepreneurs. The vision 2030 has let Qatar to make a grip on not only on the profit making and economic scenario but to have an effective and efficient balance between the social and economic facet of business. Qatar sets an example on maintaining a balance between every aspects of business and hence features its position for attracting well set up clients in gulf.

With various developments it has become a land of business and trade Aficionado. If you are a businessman you can secure your construction tender in Qatar without even putting much effort and engaging yourself to the tedious process. Qatar offers unrivaled construction, property and infrastructure opportunities. With the emerging craze for FIFA World Cup 2022, the international focus on Qatar has increased. This has scaled up its investments for setting up its target on Vision 2030.

Qatar emphasizes on getting an advanced infrastructure to benefit its citizens and visitors from a modern transport network of roads, ports and international airports and is also focused on further swift connections to all areas of the country with more investments in these construction projects. The most emphasized large-scale projects include a rail and metro network; new roads, a network of new hotels, the new Doha Port as well as the new Hamad International Airport.

Looking at these points, one can easily say that among all the countries in the Middle East, Qatar offers one of the most promising business opportunities for investors in present as well as near future. So let’s have an ease in investing to qatar tenders and projects and start doing business in Qatar and get yourself benefited via its transacting Goals.


Project Alert: New Gas Engine Power Plant in Qalhat, Sur

The move to introduce the gas engine power plant is part of plans to conserve natural gas and reduce CO2 emissions. Gas savings accumulated through this project are aimed at producing power for Oman LNG’s facility with less natural gas by optimizing gas resources and yielding a reduction in environmental emissions.

The first contract inked with MAN Diesel and Turbo will deliver the highest quality of gas engine scope, design, manufacturing, and supply of equipment. MAN Diesel and Turbo is one of the world’s leading suppliers of large diesel and gas engines, as well as engine technology covering a wide range of decentralized power plant applications up to 300 megawatts (MW), using liquid fuel, gaseous fuel or dual-fuel solutions. For the new power plant, MAN Diesel and Turbo provide a tailored solution to suit the specific requirements of Oman LNG, while building on a well-proven engine platform.

Gas Engine Power Plant in Qalhat, Sur
Gas Engine Power Plant in Qalhat, Sur

The second contract is a Project Management Consultancy (PMC) Services contract awarded to KBR. KBR will act as an extension to Oman LNG’s project team and help manage the overall execution of the project, including the management of the supply of the Gas Engines Generators Packages, and ensure all areas of compliance and safety are adhered to. The contract, additionally, underpins Oman LNG’s robust commitment towards knowledge sharing and boosting staff competency in dealing with such complex projects. KBR is a global provider of differentiated professional services and technologies across the asset and programme lifecycle within the government services and hydrocarbons sectors.

The current energy landscape is ever challenging, requiring energy companies to adopt the most efficient practices to remain reliable and agile suppliers to customers. Oman LNG provides cleaner and efficient LNG to customers, from which tangible value is reached for the Sultanate of Oman and its people through a wide swath of social investment programmes that addresses many economic and social needs, including avenues to generate In-Country Value and Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) development. The LNG industry in Oman was born out of the vision of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said to diversify the country’s economy and has now grown to be the largest income earner for the Sultanate, after oil revenues.

The global liquefied natural gas market needs are expected to develop much faster than pipeline gas trade due to the flexible nature of liquefied natural gas and its accessibility to countries. As the global energy industry turns to renewables, liquefied natural gas is perfectly positioned to provide solutions for the mid to long-term.

Oil Projects in Egypt

Oil and Gas Projects in Egypt
Oil and Gas Projects in Egypt

With the start of the New Year 2018, Egypt bounced back as transformed economy after the end of the economic turbulence since 2011.  The drive to rebalance the economy with challenging initiatives like the liberation of the currency, rebalancing the investment climate are been making headlines since then. At the start of 2018, the government has shifted its focus from mainstream governance to strengthen the investment climate. However, gradually the winds of change are to be noticed as with the liberalization of currency and implementation of the investment framework the economy is well positioned for continued economic expansion. According to the IMF, GDP growth is projected to be at 4.5% and progress to around 6 % in the mid-year.

Amidst of this backdrop, new discoveries in the natural gas sector are proving to bring huge investments to the country. Egypt has one of the Worlds, largest and oldest upstream sector. Though the heat of the economic turbulence affected the sector it still managed to attract new investments into the sector.  According to a press release, Egypt’s oil production has slightly decreased from 717,000 barrels per day barrels per day  in 2014 to 651,000 barrel per day 2018.  The Egyptian Petroleum Corporation plans to increase the production relies on the country petroleum discoveries and foreign investment hike in the development of existing oil fields. Due to increasing shortfall, Egypt has been increasingly importing oil from Iraq.

Therefore, the government has been having set its eyes on increased petroleum production to lower its dependency on imports. It has ramped up major oil and gas projects in Egypt to attract billion-dollar investments. Large-scale refinery expansion and upgradations projects are been undertaken by the government. To name a Few Midori Refinery expansion project has been proposed which is being developed by a French firm Technip and will be in operation by 2019.

Similarly, The European Bank for Reconstruction & Development (EBRD) is providing a $200-million loan to state-owned Egyptian General Petroleum Corp. subsidiary Suez Oil Processing Co. (SOPC) for the upgrade of its 68,000-b/d refinery adjacent to Suez, Egypt, at the entrance of the Suez Canal. Egyptian Refining Company (ERC) plans to build a hydrocracking/cocking facility alongside the existing Musturud refinery, 10 Km north of Cairo, Egypt. The project comprises a hydrocracking/coking facility and ancillary units.

There are also expectations of new entrants in the market that will help Egypt to shape as one of the largest upstream sectors. Moreover, investments have also been seen across the countries Mediterranean block.  Egypt has been fortunate in 2015 due to a sizeable gas discovery, which will change the market dynamics in favor of the country. The government will need to encourage an increase in efficiency and diversification of domestic usage to improve stability.

Oil companies with deeper experience in Egypt have remained committed to it. While the troubles of recent years may have slowed some of their development activities, they never stopped work in the country. Oil firms have been looking for innovative ways to cooperate with the government and to get the right assets explored and producing.

Public Tender for 100mw Solar Power Plant Issued in Bahrain

Public Tender issued for 100Mw solar power plant in Bahrain
Public Tender issued for a 100Mw solar power plant in Bahrain

Bahrain has successfully pushed itself to become amongst the most diversified economies of the Gulf region. Even after being diversified with strong industrial base petroleum products still accounts a significant portion of its exports. Export of oil and natural gas over the years has now started putting pressure on country’s own ability to meet its demand. The kingdom has now embarked on its plan to expand its electricity generation and distribution networks by bringing new renewable energy projects on board.

According to the Ministry of Electricity and Water report 2016, Bahrain has an installed capacity of 3921MW with peak demand reaching to 3418Mw in summer. However, with industrial footprint growing at a steady pace it is estimated that the kingdom peak demand is projected to rise up to 4500mw by 2020. Owing to this fact there is an immense need for implementing new projects and tenders for upgrading the existing generation and distribution centers.

In line with the latest development in September 2017, Bahrain announced its plans to construct 100mw of a solar power plant in conjunction with the private sector. The Tendering process for the project is expected to start in 2018 with a scheduled completion in 2019. The project forms the part of its Renewable Energy master Plant introduced in 2016 in which they aim to meet at least 5% of its energy demand by renewable sources.

In addition, the kingdom is also working on new hybrid solar-and wind project which is implemented by a German-based renewable company Juwi International and overseen by global consultancy firm Fichtner. In August 2017 Italian consultancy and engineering services company, Centro Elettrotecnico Sperimentale Italiano (CESI) was hired to support the country’s SEU(Sustainable Energy Unit), and help it develop the technical and regulatory requirements necessary for connecting distributed renewable energy into the national electricity grid.

Bahrain renewable energy sector offers immense opportunities for international joint ventures, local consortiums and contracting. International contractors that have engaged in procurement arrangement in Bahrain are  GE, Escom, Abenoga etc who have won large  energy contracts in the Kingdom

While the development of renewable energy is still at an early stage in the kingdom, the sector is likely to play a growing role going forward, presenting opportunities for the public sectors.

source: https://oxfordbusinessgroup.com/analysis/sustainable-options-new-solar-power-projects-will-add-energy-mix


Upcoming Tender Opportunities in Egyptian Oil and Gas Sector

Consortium for New Gas Plant in Egypt

Oil and gas exploration in Egyptian western desert is turning up several reserves into sub-basins. There are 4 basins in the northern part of the western desert, each capable of producing 300 million of barrels of proved reserves even without excessive exploration. Exploration in the western deserts dates back to 1950 but they remained unexplored due to lack of information about its potentiality. The Western desert is projected to still have less than 800 wells of the area of 70,000sq miles equal to the size of Oklahoma. Though this won’t be a great threat to the gulf dominance but the fact remains that the output from the gas reserves are rising as more pipelines are constructed.

The Ministry of Petroleum is actively participating into incentivizing foreign investments to increase international participation into the petroleum sector of Egypt. The ministry is eager to announce more bids & exploration tender in bid to get more value for money. Framework agreements are signed with the international oil exploration and production companies. The Ministry of Petroleum is implementing a package of ambitious projects to develop infrastructure, which includes refineries and pipelines for petroleum products.

Recently, a consortium led by Italy’s Eni, Russian Lukoil and the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC) is set to establish for New gas Plant in Egypt worth the capacity of 100mn cubic feet of gas per day and investments worth $700 million. The construction will start once government approvals are issued. The plant will receive natural gas from companies working in the Western Desert and will link it with the natural gas complex in Alexandria through a 200-kilometer pipeline.

Egypt’s gas production currently stands at 5.5 billion cubic feet a day, after adding some 1.6 million cubic feet as a result of starting production from several projects, including the giant Zohr gas field. The country’s total natural gas consumption is about 6 billion cubic feet per day, of which roughly 65 % goes to the electricity sector. Egypt plans to stop importing LNG by the end of the 2017/18 as it plans to accelerates production at a number of newly-discovered gas fields.

The Ministry is currently implementing large scale oil and gas projects in Egypt updating existing refineries, improving their safety systems and raising their capacity. also large international oil companies are wining contracts for setting up of new units. offering oil and gas exploration blocks for international bidding and signing new agreements with major oil companies is a major strategy adopted by the government to reduce its LPG imports

Source: https://www.theoilandgasyear.com/content/uploads/2015/03/TOGY_Egypt_2015_Preview.pdf


TendersInfo Gulf: Creating Impact Together

The economy of Gulf has been undergoing transition of diversifying the business and moving away from petroleum dominated economy to non-oil sectors. Some of the great examples are Bahrain, who is heavily investing into banking and tourism. Moreover, government is steadily trying to improve its trade and investment infrastructure in order to attract more private investments into the country. Egypt is another great example of where government is creating immense opportunities for procurement into energy, construction, transportation, real estate and telecommunication. Kuwait is also undertaking measures to diversify its earning from petroleum products.

Lebanon on the other hand is free market economy that has helped it attract huge investments into many industries owing to advantage of free exchange of goods and transfer.

The service- oriented economy continues to favor strong role in the private sector. Oman offers immense potential of procurement into logistics and industrial manufacturing. Qatar is one of the highest per-capita countries amongst the GCC countries. It has third largest natural gas reserves and though the focus has been shifted to other non-energy based products.

Gulf region is transition into becoming a global hub for investment. The right mix of economic ingredients like demography, government initiative to explore non oil sectors, easing the taxation norms to attract investor’s etc together combine to make it one of the most attractive business location.

TendersInfo gulf is one of the most comprehensive sources of tender information that is helping business across the region find   Public Procurement opportunities for business expansion. We cater to businesses of all sizes and industries to find relevant tender leads that help them to expand their businesses globally. We collate this business information from multiple sources like multi-lateral funding agencies, Federal State, County Government, Utilities sector, Hospitals, Schools, Ports, NGO’s, Defense etc. Apart from delivering relevant tender information we also assist businesses with tender bidding and procurement of the tender document on their behalf. Our customer centric approach to help you never miss any upcoming opportunities makes us once of the leading tender portal for the gulf procurement opportunities